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CLS provides a resume-sourcing platform that helps businesses find candidates who are open to new opportunities via keyword searches—essentially a reverse job board concept. It allows recruiters and decision-makers to search for, source, and hire individuals open to new opportunities without the need for a job post.


CLS offers customized placement services to employers who would like to skip resume sorting. We refine our candidates down to the top three before sending them on to a client for review. With every resume our clients receive, they’ll also get a prerecorded video interview to watch. We also run background screens on candidates, so our clients don’t have to.


90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

With our 90-day satisfaction guarantee we will make sure you are happy with your next hire. If our candidate doesn’t end up working out, we will find you another candidate free of charge.

End-to-End Recruiting

Our staffing division handles everything from requirements gathering, job descriptions, and supporting the onboarding process.

Customizable Process

Our comprehensive solutions address various hiring challenges, including hard-to-fill and specialized positions, ensuring we identify candidates who can thrive within your company’s unique environment.

Industry Expertise

Our recruiters specialize in a wide variety of industries so we can better evaluate the best candidate for you.

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