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Expert Business Processing Services to Simplify Your Operations and Fuel Your Growth.

Experience a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for all areas of business services. From accounting and bookkeeping to taxes, insurance, and recruiting, we offer a seamless, hassle-free experience. We provide consulting and fulfillment services so you can reclaim your time, enjoy peace of mind, and prioritize your business’ growth and success.

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Sales Manager | Advice Media

I cannot say enough about how awesome it was to work with the content creation arm of CLS I had to train and ramp up two new reps on my third week at the company. I was trying to put fires out and take care of my other eight reps and get them trained. I didn’t know the product or our process very well.

Justin B.
CEO/Owner | Briggs Roofing Company

I had all these ideas I wanted to implement, but my biggest problem was just knowing how to get started. CLS sat down with me, asked all the right questions, and turned my ideas into something even bigger than I expected. Then they created all the processes and documentation to turn that idea into a real practice.

Mike P.
CEO | Spire Ranges

Our new operations manuals make installation and troubleshooting simple for our users, which means less strain on our customer support department and more satisfied customers. CLS’s dedication to quality helped us get every technical detail right, so we can feel confident that our customers are receiving the most accurate, helpful instructions.

Suzy T.
CSO | Arm Institute

We engaged with CLS to help with a large and complicated federal grant proposal. Madi West and her team were incredibly helpful in many aspects of the grant response – from research, to editing, to keeping our team organized and on track. They were always available when we needed help, happy to jump in no matter what we asked for, and thoughtful in offering suggestions to improve the outcome.


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M&A & Capital

We will guide you through the transaction journey, helping you identify the right target buyers. We will ensure you always come out on top. Leveraging our deep industry insights and strategic expertise, we position you advantageously in every negotiation, ensuring your financial growth and sustainability.

Training, Process, & Content Creation

We offer customized training and process documentation to target specific company pain points, such as turnover, manager training, employee onboarding, and sales. We facilitate lasting knowledge retention and practical application through interactive and engaging methodologies, driving organizational efficiency and success.

Accounting & Finance

From bookkeeping to the CFO’s strategic role, our mission is to bring full financial visibility to our client’s businesses, empowering you to make informed, strategic decisions. We integrate cutting-edge technology and best practices to streamline your financial operations, enhancing transparency and operational efficiency.

Software Development & Data Automation

We can build the system your business needs or build integrations with existing systems so that they run optimally, eliminating wasted time and effort. Our solutions are tailored to your unique business requirements, ensuring seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces for maximum productivity.

Staffing & Recruiting

Our team will be your guide to identify the right people for the right roles and then fill those roles with the best in the business. We prioritize cultural fit and skill alignment in our recruitment process, ensuring that each placement enhances your team’s dynamics and performance.

Tax Strategy

We offer expert guidance to optimize your tax planning and minimize liabilities. We develop tailored tax strategies that align with your business goals, ensuring you stay compliant. Our proactive tax management approach anticipates future challenges, keeping you ahead of regulatory changes and fiscal obligations.

Legal Services

We provide legal support to businesses by making a wide range of skills available on an hourly, part-time, or project basis. Our flexible legal services model ensures you have access to top-tier legal expertise exactly when and how you need it, without the overhead of a traditional law firm.

Sales Strategies & Process

Your business will receive full-service sales consulting, advisory, and training focused on increasing your client’s revenue through proven, time-tested techniques and strategies.

Benefits & Insurance

Allow us to be a vital member of your team, managing insurance policies and ensuring compliance by safeguarding the organization. Our proactive approach minimizes risks and maximizes benefits, delivering peace of mind and financial efficiency to your organization.