I cannot say enough about how awesome it was to work with the content creation arm of CLS I had to train and ramp up two new reps on my third week at the company. I was trying to put fires out and take care of my other eight reps and get them trained. I didn’t know the product or our process very well.

Luckily for me, my VP of Sales was already getting training modules in place with CLS to help not only the SDR’s but the AE’s as well. We had modules ready to go that talked about each product that we offer, how to set up our tech stack, how to cold call, etc. There was literally something for everything that I needed to cover. Fast forward a month and I am using this not only for new reps that I am onboarding, but for one-on-ones with my ramped reps and they are loving the content. There is
something there for everyone.

I would encourage anyone that is looking for training modules, expertise, advice and
direction to give CLS a chance and watch the results.

This has been a game changer for my team and I look forward to continuing to use it
and seeing the success.

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